Which Wigs Have the Most Natural Look?

Many women think that you must have a human hair wig in order to achieve a realistic look. In actuality, if you are choosing a high quality synthetic wig, it can be very difficult to tell the difference. In our salon, we carry both human hair wigs as well as synthetic hair wigs. At Gayla Wigs we carry quality synthetic pieces as well as a few lesser quality wigs. Our quality wigs have monofilament caps with lace fronts and some are hand tied. The lesser quality synthetic wigs, they will look as if the hair has been backcombed throughout the wig.

  1. For the look of natural hair growth from the scalp, we highly recommend a monofilament wig cap. Monofilament wigs can also be parted in different directions for additional versatility. A lace front wig will give you a natural looking hair line and the ability to wear the hair pushed back and away from the face. A 100% hand tied wig is a premium option that is comfortable and looks like hair growing from the scalp on the entire cap.
  2. Also consider that the most natural looking wig is going to be one where the style suits your face shape and the color suits your skin tone. Our private consultations will ensure that that you find the best possible color and style. We can color match your selection to your own hair.

Pro Tip: We include one customization with each wig which includes cutting the bangs or nape. The pieces can also be thinned or shortened for an additional fee.

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