How Do I Select Between a Human Hair vs. a Synthetic Wig?

If you are looking for hair that looks and feels like your own hair and want the option to style your piece with hot tools, including blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and hot rollers, then human hair would be your best option. Human hair pieces last longer than synthetic pieces but they are also at a higher price point.

If you are looking for a piece that looks very natural, is easy to care for, requires minimal maintenance and less expensive, then a synthetic piece is your best option.

  1. Human hair wigs require much more maintenance. They must be styled daily and will react to the weather, just as your biological hair would.
  2. For the medical patient who chooses a synthetic wig, the time and effort saved in caring for the wig is an important consideration. Medical patients generally do not have the strength or energy to care for a high maintenance human hair wigs.
  3. Since synthetics are more economical, you can afford to change your style when you get tired of your current look.
  4. Cost – Human Hair wigs cost significantly more than synthetic wigs. There are also synthetic human blends that give you a human like feel but will still act as a synthetic and will remain on the synthetic price point. A high quality synthetic wig will look extremely natural if it is truly a high quality synthetic wig.
  5. We also carry a blended fiber which is 70% synthetic and 30% human hair. It feels very luxurious and you care for it as you would a synthetic.

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