Our Happiest Male Client.


Within the last couple of weeks we had a male client come in inquiring about a Toupee. Most of our clients just happen to be women, but over the years we’ve had a few male clients here and there show up.

Jay Smith was truly an unexpected joy!

The day Jay Smith walked in to our shop we knew right off that we could help him. We put one of our top stylists on the case..Hanah! Gayle (the owner) already had one of our vendors in mind for the best toupee. Her and Hanah quickly found his shade after looking through swatches of colors. We have to admit, it was a little scary to order something for him that we actually did not have in stock, but had to order off a photo.

The piece came in and it looked like the right color, but needed some work. Hahah had no issues fixing, cutting and fitting this piece to Jay’s head. He walked out on cloud 9 and we snapped some photos. He then showed up again a few days later all dressed up and we snapped a few more photos. He even went so far as to take a few photos at home, then texted them to us. What a truly pleased and happy guy. We can’t wait for our next male client to show up!

Read his complimentary (to say the least) testimonial below:

“I just want to say to any of the men out there for whom, like me for the last 25 years ball caps have become a fashion statement, run, do not walk to see Gayle and her staff at Gayla Wigs!

I am 52, and like many men my age, began losing my hair at a young age. The hair loss made me look much older than I am, so much so that most people assumed that I was my seven-year-old daughter’s grandfather. While working on one of my near-by construction projects, I stopped in Gayle’s shop on a whim. I took off my cap, and explained to Gayle what I wanted to do. Without batting an eye, she and her staff immediately took up the challenge.

After showing me some different topper styles from a catalog, they ordered my piece to match my natural hair. When it arrived, Hannah worked her magic. She placed it, cut it, and styled it, and when I saw the final product in the mirror, I was overcome. I now had a new full head of hair that looked so real and natural that even people who had known me for years, complimented me on my new “haircut”! No one had ever seen me without a ball cap, and just assumed that it had always been there under the cap! Gayla Wigs has changed my life. I am now more confident, have a pep in my step, and my ball caps are all gathering dust in the closet (although I do still wear my Texans cap on game day, but now it’s by choice!-lol).

I want to take the opportunity here to thank Gayle and her staff. They are very professional, very competent and knowledgeable. I would not recommend going anywhere else. I look and feel years younger, and it is all due to them! Men, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have your hair back, let me tell you, it is awesome! Stop in and check it out. I will be happy to show you mine (they have my number). You will not regret it!”

-Jay Smith