Gayle's Story

Gayle’s Story

About the Owner – Gayle Stan Bucher

I know personally how hair loss affects more than just your self-esteem; it impacts your very soul! My goal has been to help restore my clients’ dignity with beauty, concern, and compassion. After all, I was my own first client!

I suffered from male patterned baldness and had been wearing wigs for almost a decade. I tried to find suitable solutions in the form of wigs, and was stunned no salon or wig shop offered a private consultation service to explore all my options. At the time I had worked for a medical prosthesis company. My patients and customers also suffered from hair loss. They admired my hair and complemented my hairstyles. They also were looking for confidentiality and desired natural flattering styles that were comfortable to wear all day.

I am so blessed to help women suffering with all varieties of hair loss. I feel it’s my calling! We have created a beautiful salon with a serene spa like atmosphere. We carry products and wigs serviced by knowledgeable and caring licensed cosmetologists. Gayla Wigs is a place where our clients are ensured of professionalism and privacy.

I have found satisfaction helping women find an answer and see their self-confidence restored. I have watched tears turned into broad smiles as they looked at themselves in the mirror. These are moments I will treasure forever.